Legal – Voltage, magnetic fields and magnets

Voltage: The Fochica design specifies a device which receives 12 Volts power from the car battery and converts it to 5V. The controller and sensors of the device then operate at 5V. This device is considered an extra-low voltage device (The International Electrotechnical Commission defines an extra-low voltage device as any device in which the electrical potential between conductor and earth does not exceed 50V a.c. or 120 d.c. see: ). Accordingly, the 5V of Fochica is much lower than the values set for extra-low voltage devices.

Magnetic Fields: The Fochica device can utilize a capacitive sensor. AY Garage Ltd. measured in its facilities the magnetic field created by a capacitive sensor installed in a Fochica device. The peak measurement that was registered by AY Garage Ltd. was 0.2 milligauss = 0.02 µT (microtesla). The sensor only works for 0.25ms every period (which is typically 1000ms). According to the American Cancer Organization, the strength of the magnetic fields in a home averages around 0.05 to 0.1 µT. see: Other components of Fochica did not exhibit magnetic fields. Accordingly, the measurement performed by AY Garage Ltd. showed that the magnetic field created by Fochica is below the average magnetic field at home. Please note, the measurement performed by AY Garage Ltd. is not an official measurement, nor is it a certified measurement. Furthermore, the capacitive sensor is optional and if you are concerned with any potential adverse effect of using this sensor then simply do not use it.

Magnets: The Fochica device can utilize a magnetic reed sensor. This sensor contains a magnet and is usually placed in a chest clip of the seat’s seat-belt. Please consult your doctor about how this magnet can affect pacemakers or similar devices you or the child may be using.